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Feeling low, fed up, frustrated, lonely, stressed, wired?

Let's team up - for personalised, science-based, human-centric consultations to get you feeling safer, better connected, and in charge of your wellbeing.

Consultations regarding children and families now available!

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Drawing upon fourteen years of experience in health and social care services, I am delighted to offer a compassionate and holistic approach to emotional wellbeing. My philosophy rests upon a foundation of commitment to person-centred care, evidence-based practice, and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness between mind, body, spirit, community, and natural world.

I am able to offer support with stress arising from a variety of factors including loss, relationship difficulties, major life transitions, adverse events, work-related pressures, caring responsibilities, physical ill-health, social isolation, and so on. I am accustomed to supporting people with mild to moderate difficulties as well as those with more complex needs. If you think you might benefit from greater insight into yourself and your relationships, a stronger foundation for wellbeing in your day-to-day routine, or a more compassionate inner voice, I am able to help. 

I offer English-speaking services for individuals and groups both face-to-face and online in the Schaffhausen area and beyond. I hold a professional doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Liverpool. I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council UK (Reg No. PYL35320). My doctoral qualifications are accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Please note, I am unable to offer either a crisis service or medical supervision. Such support can be sought from your family doctor, psychiatrist, or through consultation with your health insurance provider.




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Please contact me to discuss your needs and to enquire about availability.

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The drawings really helped as I’m a visual learner and I could put theory into practice. Sarah is neutral but also engaging, so exactly what I was looking for.

I was not in terrible shape when I came to Sarah, but speaking with her did help me calibrate myself and reassure myself that I am 'OK'. 

Wonderful self compassionate exercises; Sarah really listens and committed to my journey.

Sarah was kind, approachable and introduced me to new ideas. I will definitely return if I need support in future. I recommend her wholeheartedly. I have had support in the past which felt demeaning, Sarah was non-judgmental and focused on common humanity - so refreshing!

Very professional and conscientious.

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