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Group-Based Support

Joining a group of people who are motivated to make changes to improve their wellbeing can be a cost effective way of seeking support. 

Structured Group Programmes

Compassionate Mind Training
We meet as a group for 8 sessions to explore this evidence-based intervention for stress management through the nurturing of a more compassionate relationship with self and others. This skills-based training is experiential and balances clear and concise guidance with opportunity to put ideas into practice immediately.
8x 2.5hr sessions for 280CHF per person

BodyMind: A Polyvagal Journey
Over 8 sessions the group takes a comprehensive tour around the brain-body connection through the lens of evolutionary theory and human biology. Through challenging our assumptions about how our minds work, we find empowering ways to talk about our emotional experience and to affect it with personalised tools.
8x 2.5hr sessions for 28
0CHF per person

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing for Stress
This single session group experience takes us into the heart of nature in the local area. Here the group is invited to interact with the woodland in various ways to support mindful awareness of moment-to-moment experience. We rediscover the simple pleasures of nature connection and have the opportunity to savour them privately and as a group. We learn about the specific benefits of nature for wellbeing and are supported to take aspects of the practice into everyday life.
2.5hr session for 35CHF per person

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra for Restoration 
This experience offers the body a precious source of relaxation. A guided meditative invitation into so-called yogic sleep. Allow the body to replenish. An antidote to exhaustion and a support to recovery from physical and emotional burdens. 

90 minute session 25CHF per person

30 minute express session 15CHF per person

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