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Peer Support & Collaboration

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice should be a regular part of any helping professional's work activities, for the benefit of practitioners and clients alike. Facilitated reflective practice offers supportive dialogue, experiential opportunities and a safe space to explore what arises in the course of the helper's work. Sessions are rooted in compassion-focused and cognitive analytic principles and serve both individual practitioners and teams. Open to those working in a range of sectors, including education, health, social care and the charity/NGO sector.

One-to-one 60CHF per hour

Group and team-based sessions by arrangement


With an every-increasing number of ideas being shared within the realm of wellbeing, high quality evidence-based learning opportunities are invaluable. Topics offered to those in the helping professions include:

  • The applications of evolutionary theory to wellbeing

  • Shame, self-criticism and compassion

  • Working with the human body and nervous system

  • Resilience

Specific course details to be advertised here as they become available.


I welcome opportunities to collaborate with other helping professionals in promoting science-based information and developing accessible and effective interventions for wellbeing. Media professionals exploring wellbeing, compassion, the human nervous system or nature connection as topics are warmly encouraged to get in touch.

Moreover, psychological thinking should not be limited to the field of health. Rather, applications are possible in a variety of different contexts and can contribute meaningfully to almost any project from design, through implementation to evaluation. Examples in my experience have included supporting event management for vulnerable groups, contributing to and consulting on sociopolitical research by non-governmental organisations, advising on aspects of ecotourism and nature-based enterprise, and supporting effective training by human resource teams. 

Please email me to discuss potential collaborations.

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