Support for Individuals

Making space for yourself amid the busy-ness of day-to-day life takes courage. Meeting one-to-one provides the opportunity to explore in depth what has been happening for you. Together we can make sense of things and use this understanding to try out new ways of coping and relating to yourself and others.

Initial Consultations

Whether a brief query, a one-off consultation, or an opportunity to discuss your needs more freely, this is where we begin:

Initial screening 30 minutes FREE

Extended needs assessment 1.5hrs 125CHF

Brief re-story and reset 4 sessions 350CHF

Standard hourly rate 100CHF

Support Series

Decide on a specific number of sessions in advance to support focus and a planned ending, with the opportunity to extend the work if needed. A good option for those who are working to a budget.

10 sessions for 900CHF

20 sessions for 1850CHF

Specific Programmes

Once your needs become clear, these evidence based programmes based on popular topics provide a clear pathway. You can expect a structured programme but with plenty of opportunity for personalisation.

Your Nervous System and Body
Over 12 sessions we learn one-to-one about the intricacies of the human brain-body connection in a structured way. We make sense of your emotional and physical experience and discover how you can befriend and work with your biology in a way that supports a return to a sense of safety and connection in the face of both everyday and unexpected challenges.
12 sessions for 1050CHF


Your Compassionate Self and Relationships
Over 12 sessions we learn one-to-one about the essential nature of compassion as part of our human evolution and the power it has to help us tolerate and respond more effectively to the full range of emotional experience. We practice different ways of embodying our compassionate self as a means of nurturing our relationships with ourselves and others.
12 sessions for 1050CHF

Your Stress Kit
Over 8 sessions we take a personalised tour of the most up-to-date science of resilience and apply it to your everyday needs. Particularly suited to those who are ready to make changes and want a thorough but time and cost-effective option, this kit supports you to get started on a path to wellbeing that is informed and pragmatic.
8 sessions for 750CHF

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