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Give yourself the gift of yogic sleep

Yoga Nidra

Buddha Statue

You Will Find It 

Beyond the teasing minds - of yesterday's faults

Beyond the purity of tomorrow's reflection

Beyond the rain - that has not yet fallen

Beyond the fluffy clouds, still sleeping in the ocean

Beyond the future dreams - of a distant society

Beyond this mirage of creation

Find the dawn of energy...

waiting patiently for you to awake

Limits are only - for those who believe.

by Doug Swenson

Yoga Nidra is a practice that invites you to begin with the setting of a heartfelt intention. You are then guided through a systematic sequence of breathing and body awareness exercises. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated and the amount of alpha waves is increased, inducing calmness, supporting creativity, and increasing our receptivity to new information. 

The Possibilities

You can access Yoga Nidra through short practice sessions and extended practice sessions. Regular practice is advised and 30-minute practices are typical, though benefits have been indicated in yoga nidra practices of only 11 minutes duration. Yoga Nidra is undertaken lying down (in some forms it can be done sitting or standing), it does not involve stretching or moving into other postures (though some sequences can be a welcome arrival into the practice) and requires minimal equipment - a yoga mat and a blanket are sufficient (having bolster supports available can ensure greater comfort still).

My Heartfelt Intention

Yoga nidra saved me when I was struggling with chronic sleep difficulties for the about two years. I felt strongly that this was a practice I wanted to explore more deeply and share with others. I am pleased to be able to offer yoga nidra to you in my capacity as an iRest Level 1 teacher and trained psychologist.

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